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Vita Plus Lanark

Added a new elevator leg to grind corn and charge mixer while still receiving ingredients.

  • Removed two old 30-ton bins and installed two new 30-ton bins and a 14-ton bin.
  • Installed a new catwalk, conveyor and distributor to feed all the ingredient bins; no need to use a transport auger to fill bins along the tracks anymore.
  • Removed old Schuld bins that used to be filled with pneumatic trucks and installed a new 36- ton salt bin. Installed two new 12-ton mash bins so bulk trucks don’t have to transfer the mash to a bin in back to get pelleted.

Daybreak Foods

Vita Builders was contracted to build a new fully automated feed mill for Daybreak Foods in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. The new mill has receiving at 260 TPH with mixing capability of 120 TPH. It has approximately 2,000 tons of ingredient storage and 240 tons of loadout storage capacity. There are eight micro bins and six tote hangers on load cells. A 250,000-bushel grain bin sits in the back to feed the two pair 12-inch-by-36-inch roller mill. A dust system was installed to collect dust from all equipment to maintain a virtually dust-free environment. Three drive-through bays are used to receive both grain and feed ingredients as well as loadout into a truck as needed. The grain pit will hold a full semi of corn. The mill makes feed that gets transferred via 1,500 feet of catwalks and conveyors. These stretch across the street and alongside the layer houses to fill bins that feed the chickens.

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Drone Picture 7-27-19 2-min
Finished Job (daybreak)-min

Tisch Mills Roller Grinder

Vita Builders installed a lone star 12x24 triple-roller grinder that averages 16TPH of 450 micron corn. We installed a 90-foot Schlagel Model 20 leg that reclaims corn from the shed to fill the whole corn bin that in turn feeds a 10- inch round tube auger ,which fills the surge bin above the roller grinder. The 10-inch reclaim auger takes the ground corn from the roller grinder to the existing leg to fill the overhead load out bins. Steel sheeting was installed on the top and three sides to provide a weather shield.